Tolani Badmus
03 Jun

Achieving sleek and defined edges can be a game-changer for any hairstyle, adding a polished and sophisticated touch that elevates your look. Whether you're preparing for a special occasion or just want to look your best every day, mastering the art of edge styling is essential. This article will guide you through the best products and techniques to help you create and maintain perfectly styled edges.

Understanding the Basics

Edges refer to the baby hairs along your hairline, which can be styled to complement various hairstyles. Properly styled edges can frame your face beautifully, adding definition and flair. The key to achieving sleek and defined edges lies in the right combination of products and techniques.

Essential Products for Sleek Edges

  1. Edge Control Gel:
    • Purpose: Provides a firm hold and smooths down edges without flaking.
    • Top Picks:
      • Ebin 24 Hour Edge Tamer
      • Creme of Nature Perfect Edges
      • Murray’s Edgewax
    • Application: Apply a small amount to your edges, using a brush or your fingers to distribute it evenly.
  2. Edge Control Brush/Comb:
    • Purpose: Designed to style and smooth edges with precision.
    • Top Picks:
      • Baby Tress Edge Styler
      • Evolve Perfect Edge Brush
    • Application: Use the bristle side to smooth edges and the comb side for detailed styling.
  3. Silk or Satin Scarf:
    • Purpose: Helps set the edges in place, reducing frizz and ensuring a lasting hold.
    • Application: After styling your edges, wrap the scarf around your hairline and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes.
  4. Hair Mousse:
    • Purpose: Provides a soft hold and adds shine, especially useful for natural and relaxed hair.
    • Top Picks:
      • Nairobi Wrapp-It Shine Foaming Lotion
      • Lottabody Wrap Me Foaming Mousse
    • Application: Apply a small amount to edges before or after styling to enhance shine and hold.
  5. Pomade or Wax:
    • Purpose: Offers a stronger hold and can be used for more intricate styles.
    • Top Picks:
      • Murray's Edgewax
      • Cantu Extra Hold Edge Stay Gel
    • Application: Apply sparingly to avoid buildup and use a brush to style.

Techniques for Perfectly Styled Edges

  1. Prep Your Hair:
    • Start with clean, dry hair to ensure the products adhere properly.
    • If necessary, lightly dampen your edges with water or a leave-in conditioner.
  2. Apply Edge Control Gel:
    • Take a small amount of edge control gel on your fingertip.
    • Apply the gel to your edges, focusing on areas that need the most hold.
  3. Brush and Style:
    • Use an edge control brush or a toothbrush to smooth down your edges.
    • For swoops and curves, use the brush to create the desired shapes, moving in a gentle, sweeping motion.
  4. Set Your Edges:
    • Wrap a silk or satin scarf around your hairline and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.
    • This helps set the style and ensures a smooth, lasting finish.
  5. Final Touches:
    • Remove the scarf and check for any areas that need additional smoothing.
    • Use a small amount of hair mousse or a light spritz of hairspray for extra hold and shine.

Tips for Maintaining Sleek Edges

  1. Night Care:
    • Before bed, wrap your edges with a silk or satin scarf to maintain the style overnight.
    • This reduces friction and helps prevent frizz.
  2. Avoid Product Buildup:
    • Use a clarifying shampoo regularly to prevent product buildup on your edges.
    • Avoid using too much product daily, as this can cause flaking and a greasy appearance.
  3. Moisturize:
    • Keep your edges moisturized to prevent breakage.
    • Use a lightweight oil or leave-in conditioner to nourish the hair.
  4. Touch-Ups:
    • For quick touch-ups, carry a small edge control gel and a travel-sized edge brush.
    • This allows you to maintain your sleek look throughout the day.


Achieving sleek and defined edges is an art that requires the right products and techniques. By incorporating high-quality edge control gels, brushes, and the proper setting methods, you can create polished, lasting styles that enhance any look. Remember to care for your edges by moisturizing and avoiding product buildup, ensuring your hair remains healthy and stylish. With these tips and tricks, you'll be well on your way to mastering the art of sleek and defined edges.

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